Holy Ghost Tent Revival


Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," Greensboro, NC's Holy Ghost Tent Revival cannot be pigeonholed into any popular genre. Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and keys this six-piece ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles -- a musical alchemy all their own.

The overall air of their creation breathes a sense of celebration and salvation; of a raucous party where everyone's welcome and where even the most stoic will find their toes tapping and a smile breaking free. It's as if, in the same spirit as the blues greats that traveled the highways of the American psyche before them, theirs is not music to lament life's hardships but rather to celebrate in life itself; with all its hodgepodge of pleasure and pain.

Helping to carve a new path in how music is experienced, Holy Ghost Tent Revival pursues a relentless travel schedule in its mission to not just perform but to share their music with ears both familiar and strange to their tunes. Constantly refueled by the direct interaction with their audiences, the band remains dedicated to reciprocating the support of fans and friends-a truly grassroots operation. Building from the ground up, they continue their progress as an independent group of musicians, functioning on the grace of their followers. In their pursuit of reaching an ever-expanding demographic, the band continues frequenting and discovering venues from eclectic coffee bars to opera house theaters to the festival campgrounds. With an “old soul” type of appreciation for the growing response and turnouts from fans and friends, Holy Ghost Tent Revival drives along at a catapulting velocity to share their contagious energy and enthusiasm with listeners, dancers, and musicians alike.

It is this transcendent energy that continuously propels Holy Ghost Tent Revival to play the heart and soul of a North Carolina-born, genre-defying new groove. With a penchant for crafting thoughtfully playful lyrics and graced with exceptional musical skills, there are seemingly no boundaries for this group as they travel the country spreading the magic of their heart-throbbing, foot-stomping, good-time music.

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