Shawn Rosenblatt recognizes that originality in a saturated market is somewhat of a commodity these days. In this post Napster - digitally obsessed generation, authenticity is often sacrificed for unsustainable popularity. Chicago's Netherfriends, takes song composition to a whole new stage of innovation, allowing their songs to define the band, not their fashion sense, or peers. Rare as that may be, Netherfriends is at the forefront of a new crop of artists who are focused on great songwriting and performance.

Lucky Pineapple

Lucky Pineapple is comprised of an unlikely combination of classically trained musicians, veterans of the Louisville punk scene, theater performers, improvisational noise artists and all around unique individuals.

Ann Rabson

“Rabson is a serious talent! With not so serious countenance she can deliver as a barrelhouse pianist, an excellent finger-picking guitarist, and a powerful vocalist,” as recorded by the Nashville Tennessean.

The MetaFours

This unique group is a true cafe collaboration; all members of the group are baristas at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe. Singers/Songwriters Jeri Katherine Howell and Nick Holmes are joined with Anna Hess and Nat Colten to create a medley of Americana tunes.