The Farewell Drifters

The Farewell Drifters create harmonic roots music that draws influence from the traditions of folk, bluegrass, film scores, 60's revolutionary pop, and their young Nashville peers. They have been delighting audiences everywhere from MerleFest to intimate listening rooms with their dynamic performances, and their album “Yellow Tag Mondays” debuted at number 10 on the Billboard Bluegrass chart.


The Ray Byrd Trio

The Ray Byrd Trio is Glenn Gibian (keyboard and vocals), Skip Hayes (saxophone and wind controller), Robert Hebble (bass) performing unique arrangements of jazz classics and popular songs.

The Ray Byrd Trio has taken many forms and performed many styles of music over the past 20+ years that its members have played music together. What has remained constant is that they have always enjoyed jazz and perform it in ways that the audience enjoys. The Trio has broken away from the bands of the past and moved to something unique. The soundscape of just these three members fills the room and and your ears.

Shortwave Society

orchestral and electronic soundscapes fused with off-kilter pop songs

Shortwave Society fuses elements from orchestral and electronic soundscapes to create a unique accompaniment to their off-kilter pop songs. Violin, cello, and a sea of vocals weave intricate tapestries while guitar and pianos pulse, and electronic bleeps and blips fill every nook and cranny of your subconscious. These ladies and gents host a post-modern sojourn through jazz, pop, and chamber music traditions; equally at home in the dance club or the concert hall alike.

Dozens of Dollars String Band

Dozens of Dollars String Band is working from some serious cross pollination. The band member's resumes include bands like Danny Flanigan and the Rainchorus, Starbilly, Rabbit Manor, Domani, Union Tree, Cloigheann, New Horizon, Louisville Mandolin Orchestra and Daddy's Car.

Philip Wakeman singing lead vocals and playing mando, fiddle & guitar. Mark Rosenthal singing lead vocals and playing guitar. John Bajandas singing backing vocals and playing the Doghouse bass. Phil Wakeman singing backing vocals and playing banjo, mando, fiddle and guitar.