Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly is the author of Ad Hoc and A Light for Your Beacon, both from Q Ave Press. He lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. He holds an MFA in poetry from Spalding University. His poems have appeared in public-Republic, Margie: The Journal of American Poetry, Moonshot, The Louisville Review, and others.

A.D. Fallon

A.D. Fallon is Professor of American Literature and Poetry at Kentucky State University. She is also a musician. She received an MFA from University of Pittsburgh in Poetry and a PhD in 20th Century American Literature and Poetry from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has published poems in several magazines, and has published articles on E. E. Cummings and Lorine Niedecker. She grew up in Downers Grove, IL. She currently lives in Louisville, KY.

Dave Harrity

Dave Harrity is a writer from Louisville. His writing has appeared in many magazines and journals including the L.A. Review, Ruminate, The Portland Review, and Copper Nickel. His chapbook, "Morning and What Has Come Since" (Finishing Line Press, 2007) was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a Kentucky Literary Award.

Antsy McClain

Singer, songwriter, humorist and small town philosopher Antsy McClain writes what he knows: The good life.

Staging his live shows from a small, fictitious trailer park called Pine View Heights (patterned after his own childhood surroundings and experiences), McClain is free from an over-abundance of material things and appreciates time with family and friends.