Jennifer Daniels


Jennifer Daniels performs with a power that rivals Ani DiFranco, and combines it with angelic melodies and lyrical rhythms reminiscent of Dido or Sarah McLachlan. Her intense, raw passion captivates the audience while her humorous banter between songs endears them. Paste Magazine writes, "It is a rare gift that someone can express such depth and power in lyrics, and it is even more rare that the lyrical gift is accompanied by such an amazing musical talent."

Daniels tours the country with Jeff Neal, whose touch on guitar and mandolin embellish her melodies with ethereal moods and textures. They perform frequently at The Bitter End in New York, and Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta where they won the prestigious Eddie’s Attic Shootout. Creative Loafing said that "her clear superiority in every ranked category - particularly vocal performance - were what clinched it for her. Whether throwing back her head to hold a magnificently sustained high note or expertly accompanying herself on a 12-string guitar, Daniels clearly outclassed the strongest competition." This along with a cornucopia of awards has merited Jennifer opportunities to share the stage with GRAMMY award-winning artists like John Mayer and Indigo Girls.

"Dive & Fly" thrust Daniels onto the national scene when Performing Songwriter named it one of the Top 12 DIY Releases in 2002. FM Odyssey not only awarded "Dive & Fly" Album of the Year, but the nationally syndicated radio show also chose Jennifer Best New Female Artist at their Alternative to the Grammy’s music awards. "Dive & Fly champions the elementary emotional characteristics of singer/songwriter folk-rock and pushes the genre forward with a sound that is contemporary and commercially accessible," says Tom Semioli of All Music Guide. Daniels' is featured regularly on Laney Goodman's Women on Air, and has also performed live three times on Michael Jonathan's Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour.

Jennifer's latest release "Summer Filled Sky" was mixed and mastered by legendary engineer and producer Rodney Mills who has earned 37 gold and platinum albums for mixing, mastering, and producing artists including Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam, Gregg Allman, and REM. Mr. Mills successfully captured just the right vibe for Daniels’ distinct style and inspiring lyrics, and set her most impressive instrument -her voice- perfectly in the tracks.

"Summer Filled Sky is the third and most fully realized release from this Southern spirit," says Creative Loafing. "If you’re in need of an antidote to all things Brittany-like, Daniels latest effort Summer Filled Sky is like taking 12 doses of sanity in a world gone wrong." From joyful pop rock anthems like Day to Live and Welcome to Your Life to the beautiful melancholy of ballads like Tattoo and Spiderman, Summer Filled Sky leaves no emotion untapped and no feeling unstirred. Performing Songwriter says, "Jennifer flirts with pop, rock or anything else that comes into her musical path. The result is pretty damn great!"

In addition to playing nearly 150 shows this past year, Jennifer and Jeff were involved with the NARAS GRAMMY in the Schools program. Daniels served on a songwriter's panel with Anita Baker and Ed Roland of Collective Soul, and Neal participated with producers Phil Tan and Butch Walker in a recording workshop. This national outreach program provides insight to high school students about careers that are available in music, and direction on how to prepare for them. Primarily held on university campuses across the country, GRAMMY In The Schools provides an opportunity for students to interact with professionals representing a wide range of careers.

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