Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle weave traditional music-- ballads, fiddle & banjo tunes, and harmony singing-- with stories and illustrated scrolls called "crankies" —one made of cloth, one of linoleum prints and one of shadow and papercuts.

View a video here.

Anna and Elizabeth, from Southwest Virginia, have spent the last months visiting with musicians and their kin, collecting songs and stories of musical lives and the mountains to create a show that focuses on the music of ballad singers Texas Gladden, of Salem Virginia, and Addie Graham of East Kentucky, and Clay City fiddler Lella Todd.

Anna & Elizabeth have performed at festivals throughout the United States, and schools, nursing homes, and venues throughout Southwest Virginia. Both have studied with masters of Appalachian fiddling and ballad singing, including Paul David Smith, John Harrod, Bruce Greene, Sheila Kay Adams and Ginny Hawker. Both have been on faculty at traditional music schools in Appalachia, and in Washington state. Anna was a grant-recipient for her research into female fiddlers at Berea College; Elizabeth has released three solo albums and has appeared on Prairie Home Companion.

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